Affirmations to Empower Women to Advocate for Good Health

 Acknowledging that the key to every woman’s survival is safety and good health; we do hereby implore all women, to advocate for themselves when in pain or when they experience unusual symptoms.

1.     I am a woman, fierce and unyielding, my pain will not silence me, for I am worth revealing.

1.     In my moments of pain, I will not stay quiet, I'll advocate for myself, my voice a radiant riot.



2.   I celebrate my womanhood, embracing and honoring the divine within me.


3.    My body is my temple, I'll listen to its whispers, and my intuition will grow.



4.   With knowledge and strength, I'll seek the truth and always speak up for myself.

I am not alone, for sisterhood resides in me, together we advocate and break stigma's decree.


My body’s language is mighty. I claim the right to be heard and understood.

I am my own advocate, my voice unafraid, in pain or in health, my strength won't fade.

In owning my womanhood, I reclaim my voice, advocate for myself, and make my own choice.


With these affirmations, I unleash the power within, empowering women to advocate, and their victories begin.

 We embrace our womanhood, strong and true. The world shall hear our voices, unfettered and free, advocating for ourselves, we'll become all we were meant to be.     

Women Who Menstruate Have Every Right to Speak with Authority on Periods | WE Survive Abuse