Menstruation Matters by Nomcebo Mkhaliphi
June 4, 2023by Jo BaxterOrganizer
Thank you to Nomcebo's supporters for kindly generating over £10,00 so far! I'm humbled by this generosity. As many of you know, I opened this fund in order to help Nomcebo dedicate herself to the voluntary work she does full time. She had been visiting schools to teach girls and boys about menstruation for years part time at her own expense, but making it her sole occupation required some funds. This money you gave has enabled her to cover her daughter's school fees (secondary education is not free in Swaziland) use transport to reach schools further away and buy more pads and sanitary products to distribute.

The money we raise meets on going costs, as such the 'goal' system of crowd funding is a bit inaccurate. What we need is to keep Nomcebo going. For this reason I have increased the 'goal' to £20000. That would mean she has similar funding for the coming year as she had in the last.

Nomcebo tells me:

"It has been a game changer for a lot of girls in my community. They have benefited for example I distribute pads more often than in the past where I had nothing to help them with, bought them bath towels and bath soaps"