Sex-Based Bill of Rights for Women and Girls


Sex-Based Bill of Rights for Women and Girls

Blame it on my education, training, and how I was raised.  I've always been taught that conflict around human rights requires a written understanding. The final straw was the harassment, name-calling, threats, misogyny, sexism, antisemitism, and racism hurled at two outstandingly accomplished women- Bette Midler and Macy Gray- AND people who agreed with them.  

In order to settle any conflict and move towards some type of resolution, a clear understanding of boundaries and rights is required.  Otherwise, people keep having the same arguments over and over again. 

This is a declaration of rights for women and girls.  This is our first edition. Subsequent editions will be revised to include input from women and girls who are equally passionate about protecting and preserving the rights of female human beings.

This isn't a legally binding document and we understand that not all groups, organizations, corporations, and governments will favorably agree. 

But they should understand that women and girls expect a bare minimum degree of mutual respect.  Where that is withheld, they should expect the voices and presence of many of us to come against their sexism and misogyny. 

We can talk about why it is you think that women and girls are not entitled to the same rights as boys and men. 

Women and girls' rights are human rights.

Respect is just a minimum.

              Lauryn Hill

Sex-Based Bill of Rights for Women and Girls