Overcome Fear of Confrontation with Affirmations


Confrontation is a part of life, and as much as we would like to avoid it, there are certain times when we really should just get on and deal with it. 

Avoiding confrontation will often make any situation worse than it needs to be, as people quite often start to feel awkward and the lack of communication will create a block between individuals.

When I say confrontation, I don’t mean fighting and arguing with people, in fact, confrontation and dealing with issues is the best way to avoid arguments and fights with the people we care about. It’s all about communication, and although for many people confrontation creates fear in many people, there are times when we need to learn to get rid of that fear and deal with situations head-on.

Do you have an issue with a co-worker that you know you should really deal with?
Is there a problem involving a friend that is making your relationship difficult?
Do you think that you can’t handle confrontation?
Do you need to speak to a family member about a delicate subject?

If you are not experiencing any of these situations right now, it is my guess that you either have experienced them or you are very likely to at some point in the future.

So how do you diminish the fear and learn to cope with confrontation, and not just cope with it, but get to the point where you can do it without thinking? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could deal with any situation that arises in your life without the stress and fear you currently have?

“The only thing we have to hear is fear itself” – Franklin D Roosevelt

Well you can…. How? With affirmations of course! Affirmations will help you to deal with confrontation in a constructive manner, and will teach you that you no longer need to always put your needs second to everyone else’s.

Here are some affirmations to get you started…

I am strong-willed

I am level headed and relaxed

I am composed and articulate

I am facing my fears

I do what I need to do, to be happy

Nothing worries me

I can face anything that is bothering me

With the help of these affirmations you will retrain your mind into thinking completely differently about confrontation, you will become more confident and slowly get rid of the fear that surrounds these situations.

So start using these affirmations today, and see how you feel about the confrontational situation you are avoiding in a few days, we guarantee that you will feel a lot better and may even be ready to deal with it head on!

Author's Bio: 

Matthew E. Alleyne "The Results Coach" is the mastermind behind this unique concept, he is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, personal development and business coach! Matthew works with Bob Proctor from the movie "The Secret", seen by more than 300 million people and the legendary success expert Brian Tracy who has helped over 5 million people reach their goals. Matthew has been very successful in his field for more than 25 years. Matthew lives by the adage "Those who care, teach".